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“Always In My Ears”

Fitz and the Tantrums! I can’t wait to see & meet this band in October they are truly a breath of fresh air! Incredible! I’ll let the music speak for its self.

“Always In My Ears.”

This song is literally blasting out of my laptop now as I type! I’m a sucker for the oldies and I like to listen first hand to the artist who inspired our artist that we listen to now. I always try to go back and see if a “newer” song has been sampled from an oldie and usually it is so I came across this and we all know who sampled this one! Gotta love this song it’s spewing with soul! I’ll give you guess the “in music” on my next post!

#NP – Ann Peebles ” I Can’t Stand The Rain”

“Video of The Week”

Another addition, well just adding a name to it “Video of The Week”. I absolutely LOVE this song & I jam it i know at least 3 days of of the week for like the past few months! I really love his soul filled voice it really takes back to another date & time when I hear his music. For this reason I don’t do alot of features on rappers that send me stuff, I respect the hustle but the music just has to be awesome & up to par cause if I wouldn’t want to listen to it then Im sure my viewers won’t either. Anywho! This video actually just dropped about 4 days ago. Enjoy!



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